Maine Events started its first wedding in New York and by word of mouth, paved the way to doing out-of-town events in the Philippines. Officially in 2014, Maine Events launched its business to major clientele in Manila and since then assisting clients to their journey to the main event. 

With the fruitful experience in the wedding industry, “The Journey to your Main Event” has been conceptualized with a vision of guiding marrying couples to a stress-free and exciting journey to their dream wedding. 


Charmaine Ringor has been in the management and entrepreneurship industry for 5 years. She started her own business in 2014, intensified her artistic prowess in fashion design at SoFA (School of Fashion Design and the Arts) Design Institute and discovered her way to Events planning and coordination when she trained under Ms. Kutchie Zaldarriaga. She has conceptualized and designed a comprehensive guidebook (road map) as a result of her vision to make event planning stress-free and exciting for the celebrant. 

Meet the maine events team

Meet the maine events team